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Live In Tune With Your Sacred Cycle And Learn How To Reconnect To Your Body

Fertility Awareness & Menstrual Cycle Health

Whether you're here out of curiosity, seeking an alternative to conventional birth control, supporting your conception journey, or looking to support your PMS and cycle naturally, you've come to the right place.

Too often, the power of menstruation and fertility is overlooked and is laking support, leaving a void in our connection to our body. Society's narrative may have led you astray, causing a disconnection with your body's natural rhythms. Our holistic approach guides you to feel better throughout your monthly cycle, improves your fertility and allows you to reconnect with your womb in new and empowering ways.

Imagine a world where your menstrual cycle and fertility becomes not just a monthly occurrence but a source of empowerment. We offer Menstrual Health Coaching, Fertility Support Courses, and Symptopro Fertility Awareness Courses to alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with your cycle as well as help you take charge of your fertility. As you embrace the practices and insights within the offerings, all our clients have reported a reduction in menstrual PMS's, increased emotional resilience, and a deeper connection to their bodies.

FREE Menstrual/Fertility Resources

Check out our free resources that can help you on your menstrual health and fertility journey. 

Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course

Transform your contraceptive journey with our Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course. Learn exactly when you are fertile and when not. This course is great for anyone wanting to work with their fertility to avoid a pregnancy.

Fertility Support

With our program you will know when you are fertile and when your chances of conception are highest based on YOUR cycle. Together we'll work on individualized strategies to support your hormones for optimal conception. 

Menstrual Health Support

Embark on a personalized journey to menstrual well-being with our 1:1 Menstrual Health Coaching. Receive tailored guidance and expert insights to optimize your menstrual health and alleviate PMS symptoms.

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"I sought out Jasmin's expertise when after years of tolerating a myriad of side effects from hormonal birth control and copper IUDs, I felt the intuitive nudge to get my IUD removed.  I struggled with this decision and felt confusion around my options.
Jasmin's warmth and wealth of knowledge immediately put me at ease. I had the device removed and through her guidance am beginning to learn fertility awareness and true body literacy. I have never felt more connected to my body and womb in particular and feel so grateful to have found a skilled practitioner like Jasmin to guide me on this path."

Lynn T. Germany


About Me

Hi! I'm Jasmin, a Symptopro fertility awareness instructor and fertility coach from the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. I'm passionate about helping women achieve body literacy by teaching them how to track and improve their fertility as well as manage PMS symptoms naturally.

My journey began with my own struggles with painful periods and PMS, leading me to discover the power of fertility awareness and healing my PMS naturally. Now, I help women use fertility awareness to conceive or avoid pregnancy without the side effects of conventional birth control.

Curious to learn more about my story and how fertility awareness can transform your life? Click here to read more!


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