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Finding Back To Your Feminine

Live In Tune With The Ebbs & Flows of Your Menstrual Cycle

Do you want to be a woman that is in tune with her cyclical nature but grew up suppressing or ignoring that magical part about yourself?

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Here you'll find a save haven to find back to your feminine essence through cyclical nutrition, mindful movement, self care, and a sprinkle of goddess energy.


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A free 20min  discovery call to learn more about your coach and the menstrual cycle coaching program.

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Menstrual cycle coaching packages that fit your needs. Learn all about the sacred menstrual cycle and how to live in tune with it.

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Coming soon:
Herbal supplements formulated to assist your menstrual healing journey.

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Hi, I'm Jasmin

I created this business due to my own struggles with my menstrual cycle and seeing women all over the world struggle with similar conditions.


I've suffered from painful ovarian cysts, a fibroadenoma in my breast, struggling with hormonal birth control, and overtraining my body which made PMS symptoms horrible,.. You see the list is quite long. 

I quickly realized during my education that no one teaches much about the female cycle and what we can do naturally to ease symptoms of discomfort and find healing.

So I started digging.  And WOW, it was like an awakening to a healing journey I was yearning for deep within me. My feminine side finally got the attention it needed from years of operating in my masculine energy (go, go, go mode). Healing could finally start....


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