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The Cycle Collective Signature Program

Living In Tune With Your Natural Rhythm 

This program is perfect for you if...
- You are willing to change your lifestyle habits
- Your are ready to commit to yourself and your health
- Your cycle has been causing you some troubles
(pms, mood swings, cramps, low libido,...) that you finally want to address

- You have reached a point where you want to feel better in your body
- Yo
u have heard of cycle syncing but don't know where to start
- You are done with hormonal birth control because it has been messing with your hormones but you also don't want PMS symptoms forever

- You crave a more natural lifestyle that supports your hormones so you can life in harmony with your body
- You feel overwhelmed by the infinite amount of information online and finally want to know what lifestyle changes really make a difference in your cycle

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are in the right spot.

Imagine your life looking like this:
- Your periods come on smoothly without disrupting your day
- Your energy and libido are amazing and your skin is glowing 
- You have tools and practices in place to support your hormones and nourish your body to stay balanced throughout the month
- You have minimal cramps and overall very minimal PMS symptoms, if any at al
- You feel deeply connected to your feminine essence
- You know what your body needs during all cycle phases
- You feel confident in your body and have a deep sense of peace because you are in tune with your natural rhythm 
- You finally feel amazing in your body 

How does this sound? Amazing, right? This will be your reality soon!

Let's look at the different modules and what you can expect when you say YES to living in tune with your moon.

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Here's how we will make this YOUR reality:


The Basics: You will learn the ins and outs of the cycle. What is happening on a monthly basis? How does your cycle work? How can you confirm if you ovulated or not? Why do cycle phases matter? What are the cycle phases? And SO much more.
You will know what goes on in your body!

Mindful Movement: You will learn the science based approach to exercising with your cycle. How do different fitness goals play into this? Already got a workout routine? Let's adjust it to YOUR cycle. New to working out? You will know where and how to start.
Working out smarter not harder has never been this easy!



Cyclical Nutrition: You will understand how to fuel your body with this module. Hormones need nourishment so let's give it to them. Learn about the importance of protein. The importance of keeping your blood sugar stable. Why good quality fat matters. Why fiber is your ace for PMS symptoms. And honestly so much more.
 This is nutrition for life, sustainable, simple and satisfying.

Stress management, self care and sleep: You will learn about tools that reduce your stress to feel centered and calm. Which beauty products to favor to keep toxic load to a minimum. Which night-time/sleep routine fits your needs best. How self care can change according to your cycle phase. 
Stress free and well rested, yes please! 



Social life, work and relationships: You will learn how your cycle can affect your interactions with other people and how to use it as your superpower. No matter if you are taken, single, or somewhere in between, you will know how to use your cycle to your advantage to create beautiful relationships and success. Every cycle phase has a different advantage to building an amazing life that you'll love!

Tying it all together. Reflecting and goal setting. How can you stay on track? How to set new goals? How can you keep supporting your hormones even when times get rough?
Moving on to a life where your hormonal health is amazing. 


Are you ready for this life changing transformation?

Here's are a couple reasons why cycle syncing is transformative:

Once you have implemented cycle syncing it will help you no matter where you are in your life.

Trying to get pregnant? You know when you are fertile and when to try for a baby. Plus you have the advantage of knowing how to support your bodies hormone production for a higher success rate to fall pregnant. Plus postpartum it will be easier for you to get your hormones back on track and feel balanced again.

Got a daughter or niece? You have the chance to transform a girls life by passing on this knowledge. Supporting a girls hormonal journey from early on and setting her up for a life in tune with her cycle. so freaking special! So many women wish they knew this information sooner (including me).


Got new symptoms you've never had before or feel your cycle changing? Since you live in tune with your cycle you know what's your norm and what isn't. You have the chance to change your health around or seek further expertise early on.

No matter if you ever want to get pregnant or not. Your cycle is with you for a long time. Cycle syncing saves you years of symptoms and discomfort. It allows you to understand your bodies needs on a much deeper level. 

Here are some FREE offerings for YOU:



20min Live Chat

Do you have questions you'd like answered? Wanna know if we'd be a good match? Let's chat :)



Menstrual Cycle 101 Course

Learn all about the basics. After this course you'll know how your cycle works!


Are you ready to transform your life?

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The Cycle Collective Signature Program

This is a 1 on 1 live program approach hosted fully online. Together we'll meet bi-weekly and go through the six modules listed above.

The result, you will feel confident and empowered to cycle sync for life. Your periods will be transformed!

There are different pricing options for you to feel comfortable paying for this evolutionary program.

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