Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Did you know that living in tune with your cycle is your superpower?


Are you tired of....

  • Monthly PMS symptoms?

  • Mood swings?

  • Hormonal acne?

  • Irregular cycles?

  • Lacking confidence?

  • Low libido?

  • Fatigue?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

Then THIS is for you....

What you will get out off this program......

  • Naturally reduced PMS by adjusting nutrition, exercise, and stress

  • Syncing with your cycle for less irregular cycles, fatigue, and acne

  • A self care protocol that helps you connect and heal your body

  • A deeper connection to your feminine body

  • Resources to adapt your life to your cycle for less stress and more success in your work and personal life

When you live in tune with your menstrual cycle phases, you can be more productive, successful, and confident. Every month your body goes through four different phases that can influence your emotions, energy, sleep patterns, and so much more. Read more about the four phases here. 
I can help you live with your cycle to become the best version of yourself.
The menstrual cycle coaching consists of 3-6 45min sessions and is held virtually. The things we focus on are nutrition, fitness, and self-care. You have the option to choose from a basic or a more detailed package to live in sync with your body. Choose a package that feels right to you and let's get started.
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Single Session


  • 1h session online

  • Choose your topic: nutrition for better periods, exercise with cycle, or stress management.

  • Customized session available upon request

Basic Coaching



  • 3x 60min Sessions

  • Overview of the four phases + tips 

  •  A self-care protocol for the four phases

  • Overview of cycle specific workouts and why they assist your hormones

  • Tips for stress relief, relationships and work that positively assist you and your menstrual cycle

In-Depth Coaching



  • 6x 60min Sessions

  • Overview of the four phases + tips 

  • Comprehensive self-care protocol for each phase and tips to feeling good throughout the month

  • Comprehensive overview on cycle-specific workouts as well as samples for each phase

  • Food recommendations and sample recipes for each phase of the month

  • Plus additional tips on stress relief, work, intimacy, and relationships that positively affect your cycle.

20min Consulting


During this free 20min session you will gain insight on how my cycle coaching sessions work. We assess if the menstrual cycle coaching is a fit for you. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?