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Symptopro Fertility Awareness - Private 1:1 Course


**** SESSIONS WILL BE BOOKED INDIVIDUALLY, THE CALENDAR WILL BE SENT TO YOU FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE SESSION 1 BASED ON YOUR AVAILABILITY**** The Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course is an empowering journey that delves into the Symptopro sympto-thermal method – a time-tested technique that allows you to understand your body's unique fertility signals, guiding you through the intricacies of your menstrual cycle and fertility patterns. Session 1: "🌺 Foundations of Fertility 🌺" (90min lecture and learning activities) - Basic Anatomy - The Menstrual Cycle - Charting BBT - Evaluating Temperature Patterns - Charting Cervical Mucus - Setting Peak Day Session 2: "📈 Mastering Charting Techniques 📈" (90min lecture and learning activities) - Review of Session 1 - Observing and Charting Cervix - Second Signs of Fertility - Charting to Achieve Pregnancy - The Symptothermal Method - The 6-5-0 Rule - Effectiveness Session 3: "📊 Advanced Charting and Rule Refinement 📊" (90min lecture and learning activities) - Review of 6-5-0 Rule and STR Rule - Early Dry Days Rule - Evaluating Bleeding - Basic Mucus Rule Session 4: 🤝 Follow-Up 🤝 (45 min) - Held one month after Session 3 Session 5: 🤝 Follow-Up 🤝 (45 min) - After six cycles/months charted Afterwards: - Beyond 6 Months: Check-In After 12 Cycles (30 min, if desired) - Lifetime Email Support for Quick Clarifying Questions Exclusive Perks 📧: - BBT Thermometer and material (International students will have to get their own BBT due to different availabilities in other countries. US based students will get a physical book. International students will be able to purchase the book as an ebook version) - 3-Month Free Access to RYB App - Chart Double Check with Jasmine's Teacher - Special Access: $40 for 30-minute Meetings for Complex Charting Questions ***There is a No-Refund policy on this course***

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app



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