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SILVER - Fertility Support Package


**** SESSIONS WILL BE BOOKED INDIVIDUALLY, THE CALENDAR WILL BE SENT TO YOU FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE SESSION 1 BASED ON YOUR AVAILABILITY**** The SILVER - Fertility Support Package entails the fertility awareness course Symptopro which allows you to track your fertile window with ease. You will get hormone health insights from your charts which allows us to adjust the fertility support protocol to your unique needs. This course can also be used postpartum for contraception and spacing pregnancies. The following is included in the SILVER package. Session 1: Foundations of Fertility (2h online live lecture and learning activities) - Basic Anatomy - The Menstrual Cycle - Charting BBT - Evaluating Temperature Patterns - Charting Cervical Mucus - Setting Peak Day Session 2: Mastering Charting Techniques (2h online live lecture and learning activities) - Observing and Charting Cervix - Second Signs of Fertility - Charting to Achieve Pregnancy - The Symptothermal Method - The 6-5-0 Rule - Effectiveness Session 3: Advanced Charting and Rule Refinement (2h online live lecture and learning activities) - Review of 6-5-0 Rule and STR Rule - Early Dry Days Rule - Evaluating Bleeding - Basic Mucus Rule Session 4: Follow-Up with targeted fertility protocol (45-60 min, one month after Session 3) Session 5: Follow-Up with targeted fertility protocol (45-60 min, after six cycles/months charted) (If no conception has occurred until then, further adjustments and recommendations will be given) Exclusive Perks: Free Basal Body Thermometer 3-Month Free Access to RYB App Email Support ***There is a No-Refund policy on this course***

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