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M.J, Australia

Jasmin is a great coach, she is compassionate, listens well and gives you the science behind what is happening in your body.


Ultimately you need to make the changes by following her advice but she is there all the way, quick to respond and very knowledgeable. The knowledge made me the happiest. I feel I should have known how my cycles work earlier in life.

The program gives you knowledge and awareness on how to better understand your body. I now know how to change my lifestyle that will reduce the headaches and give me more energy. I work with my body not against it anymore.

V.A, India

Jasmin is one of the most humble persons I have ever come across. She is the best listener and handles your questions and concerns really really well!

The nutrition and exercise portion was amazing. I know now what I should include in my diet and what my daily exercise routine should be to regulate my cycle.

She made me feel completely comfortable, and giving me amazing tips and hope to change my cycle!


To anyone wondering if they should sign up. DO IT!! I suffered from severe PMDD, cramps and heavy bleeding.

I received the tools to make the decision on how I want my cycle to be, if I follow the program I do not suffer at all and it’s very mild. I also got a good workout program out of it as well as the opportunity to talk openly about my cycle.

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