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Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course

You are probably here because you feel intrigued about fertility awareness and perhaps are looking for a alternative to conventional birth control. You maybe even had some crabby side effects from hormonal birth control or the copper IUD and are so ready to leave those in the past. Or perhaps you really want a more holistic approach when it comes to birth control without interfering with your bodies natural rhythm. I FEEL YOU!

Now you might be familiar with fertility awareness, or know a little bit about it but navigating your cycle can feel like trying to crack a secret code sometimes! Or perhaps you are brand new to this and want to save yourself long google sessions to figure out more (I've been there lol) and learn everything you need to know from the get-go.

Maybe you've even found yourself in online forums like Reddit but feel overwhelmed with all the information and get mixed answers to fertility awareness and charting questions. 

I got you!


With this course you will know everything you need to know to track your cycle, no more guessing, no more googling until you don't know what to believe anymore. It's your one stop shop for all things fertility awareness.

Let's look at the curriculum.

This course is offered fully online in a Small Group (2-4 women) or Private setting and entails the following:


Session 1: "🌺 Foundations of Fertility 🌺" (2h online live lecture and learning activities)

- Basic Anatomy

- The Menstrual Cycle

- Charting BBT

- Evaluating Temperature Patterns

- Charting Cervical Mucus

- Setting Peak Day


Session 2: "📈 Mastering Charting Techniques 📈" (2h online live lecture and learning activities)

- Review of Session 1

- Observing and Charting Cervix

- Second Signs of Fertility

- Charting to Achieve Pregnancy

- The Symptothermal Method

- The 6-5-0 Rule

- Effectiveness


Session 3: "📊 Advanced Charting and Rule Refinement 📊" (2h online live lecture and learning activities)

- Review of 6-5-0 Rule and STR Rule

- Early Dry Days Rule

- Evaluating Bleeding

- Basic Mucus Rule


Session 4: 🤝 Private 1-on-1 Follow-Up 🤝 (45-60 min)

- Held one month after Session 3


Session 5: 🤝 Private 1-on-1 Follow-Up 🤝 (45-60 min)

- After six cycles/months charted



- Beyond 6 Months: Check-In After 12 Cycles (if desired)

- Lifetime Email Support for Quick Clarifying Questions


Exclusive Perks 📧:

- BBT Thermometer

- Symptopro Book

- 3-Month Free Access to the RYB App 

(Check out the app here!)

- Chart Double Check with Jasmine's Teacher

***There is a No-Refund policy on these courses***

If you need financial support, scholarship spots might be available at a reduced rate. Please reach out to


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30min Live Chat

Do you have questions you'd like answered? Wanna know if we'd be a good match? Let's chat :)

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FAM Intention Scale

Check the intention scale to understand better where you stand when it comes to fertility awareness.

  • How do I know Symptopro is the right method for me?
    There are so many FAM methods and instructors to chose from so I totally get it. Symptopro uses basal body temperature measurements (BBT), cervical mucus observations (Symptopro has only three mucus categories which I find convenient) and/or cervix positioning (optional) to determine the fertile and infertile window of your cycle. This takes max 5min a day. With FAM methods in general, it really comes down to your own preference and lifestyle. If you are not sure if Symptopro is right for you, or if I'm a good match for you. Let's chat! I'll help you figure out if Symptopro aligns with your lifestyle and goals, so you can feel confident and empowered from the get-go. Plus you'll get to know me! Schedule a free call here:
  • What if I have irregular periods?
    Are you worried Symptopro might not work for you because your cycles are not cookie-cutter style regular? Totally understandable! The good news is that you don't need a regular cycle in order for Symptopro to work, you know why? There are different rules depending on your unique circumstances that I will teach you based on what your body needs. Everyone that works with me is different. I take that into account and connect with each individual to make sure your cycle needs are met.
  • How do I know when my fertile window opens/closes?
    Ah, the infamous fertile window - it can feel like wading in unknown waters, am I right? But no worries! I'll teach you exactly how to pinpoint that sweet spot with ease using cervical mucus or cervical positioning as well as your cycle data and BBT. This is literally based on scientific research and body science. You will KNOW when you are fertile and when not! There is no guessing whatsoever!
  • How much support do I get from this course?
    It is important to me that you feel supported and that you fully understand the rules. With any FAM method there is a learning curve but don't worry I won't leave you hanging. Here's the full layout of the course (Small Group and Private): Session 1: Foundations of Fertility - a 90min lecture and learning activities. (With the Small Group course each woman gets a private 10min Follow-up after the lecture) Session 2: Mastering Charting Techniques - a 90min lecture and learning activities. (With the Small Group course each woman gets a private 10min Follow-up after the lecture) Session 3: Advanced Charting and Rule Refinement - a 90min lecture and learning activities. (With the Small Group course each woman gets a private 10min Follow-up after the lecture) Session 4: 1-on-1 Follow-Up (45-60 min) held one month after Session 3. Session 5: 1-on-1 Follow-Up (45-60min) held after six cycles/months charted. Afterwards: - Beyond 6 months: 1-on-1 Follow-up after 12 cycles (if desired) - Lifetime email support for quick clarifying questions - For more in depth Follow-up (eg. for changing circumstances) I offer 30min calls at a charge. Exclusive Perks: - Access to Private FB Group Community - Free BBT Thermometer - 3-Month Free Access to RYB App
  • Can I ask my instructor really ALL the questions? It feels TMI sometimes...
    When you work with me, know that there is nothing TMI that you could say that would turn me away. It is literally my job hearing all about cervical mucus, periods and all that comes with it! However, you decide how much you feel comfortable sharing with me! There is no pressure!
  • What if I feel overwhelmed or my cycle is wonky after the course?
    I'm here for you! Even after our initial 6 months of work together (well 3 Lecture Style Sessions and 3 45-60min 1-on-1 Follow-Ups) you get LIFETIME email support. I'm literally an email away! This is really important to me! You are not alone in this and can reach out to me for support anytime.
  • What happens if my life circumstances change?
    Let's say you used Symptopro to avoid a pregnancy. After 3 years you decided you want a baby and would like to use Symptopro again after birth. Or maybe you started entering your perimenopausal years and your cycles changed. Email me and we'll set up an extended Follow-up Session and go over all the new changes and rules. You don't have to learn ALL the rules during the course and then hope you remember them years later. You will learn the rules that are applicable to your situation right now and we'll worry about the others when those circumstances present themselves.
  • I see all these cervical mucus categories and short words like EWM, RIT, BBT which seem confusing. How do I know what all that means?
    Isn't it so confusing when you see other peoples charts online and there are SO many cervical mucus categories and abbreviations? One of the reasons I love Symptopro is because there are only three cervical mucus categories which keeps it much simpler to decipher your own mucus. The abbreviations are super straight forward and will be learned throughout the course. There is definitely a learning curve to all fertility awareness method and getting familiar with everything, but I will teach you all you need to know in a way that makes it easy to understand. And if any questions come up, you know you got lifetime email support with me!
  • Does FAM really work? Is it effective?
    This is probably one of the biggest questions when it comes to all contraceptive options but especially fertility awareness methods. So let's talk about it. First things first, with any contraceptive method out there (condom, pill, IUD,..) there is never going to be a 100% effectiveness rating! It can't be guaranteed. When it come to fertility awareness methods you have t know one thing. Fertility awareness methods only work if you follow the rules of the given method! Which seems to be obvious but I just want to put it out there. However, you can increase the effectiveness to up to 99% (with perfect use) when you learn a method with an instructor. Why? Because learning with an instructor will ensure you truly understand the rules of your chosen method and can apply it correctly. Here's why learning a method by yourself might not be as effective compared to learning it with an instructor. If you learn a method by yourself, you don't have anyone looking over your chart and confirm you applied the rules correctly. Some will even try to find answers to their questions in online forums. The problem with online forums is that you will get a LOT of different advice and opinions. Sometimes these might be right, but what I have seen more times than not is that people in these forums follow different FAM methods and therefor will analyze your chart based on their cycle knowledge and their own FAM rules. This can leave you more confused than before and perhaps even mix different methods and rules together. I definitely recommend working with an instructor. That way you know exactly what to do and you'll have your go-to person in case any confusions come up without having to consult Google or online forums. Lastly, if you have seen some of my content, or know me, you know that I would never teach nor advertise something I personally don't believe in 100%. I have personally transitioned off birth control and the copper IUD ONLY because I fully trust Symptopro and know it is effective based on the research and science behind it. This is also the only reason I even considered becoming an instructor.
  • Why do I need an instructor if I can teach myself a FAM method?
    You can certainly teach yourself a FAM method. However, it has been shown that learning with an instructor will increase the efficacy of a FAM method. I will list some pro's and con's about each learning experience so you can see what makes sense for you. Teaching Yourself A Fertility Awareness Method (FAM): Pros: Flexibility: Learning independently allows you to go at your own pace and tailor the process to fit your schedule and learning style. Cost-Effectiveness: You can access many resources online or through books without incurring the expense of hiring an instructor. Privacy: Some individuals may prefer to learn about their fertility in the privacy of their own home, without the need for external guidance. Empowerment: Taking the initiative to learn FAM independently can foster a sense of empowerment and ownership over one's reproductive health. Cons: Potential for Misinterpretation: Without guidance, there's a higher risk of misinterpreting fertility signs or making errors in tracking, which could affect the method's effectiveness. Lack of Feedback: Self-teaching may result in gaps in understanding or missed nuances that could be addressed with feedback from an experienced instructor. Overwhelm: The abundance of information available online may lead to confusion or overwhelm, making it difficult to discern reliable sources and accurate techniques. Accountability: Without external accountability, some individuals may struggle to maintain consistency in tracking or implementing the method correctly over time. Learning Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) with an Instructor: Pros: Expert Guidance: Working with an instructor provides access to expert knowledge, personalized feedback, and tailored guidance throughout the learning process and beyond. Clarification of Concepts: An instructor can clarify complex concepts, answer questions, and address concerns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the method. Supportive Environment: Instructors offer emotional support, encouragement, and accountability, which can enhance motivation and consistency in practicing FAM. Customized Approach: With an instructor, you can receive personalized advice and adjustments to accommodate your unique cycle and individual needs. Cons: Cost: Hiring an instructor typically involves an upfront financial investment, which may be a barrier for some individuals (some might offer a scholarship or reduced prices). Scheduling Constraints: Coordinating sessions with an instructor may be challenging due to conflicting schedules or limited availability. Dependence on External Guidance: Some individuals may become overly reliant on their instructor, potentially hindering their ability to become self-sufficient in practicing FAM. Sharing Intimate Information: Sharing intimate details about your fertility with an instructor may be uncomfortable or undesirable for some individuals, impacting the learning experience.
  • Can I join from anywhere?
    Yes, you can join from anywhere. This course is held fully online.
  • Do you support religious women?
    Certainly, no matter your faith I'm here for you. The course itself does not have any religious components, so it really works for everyone. There are catholic flyers available if you wish to receive them but that is totally optional.
  • Are there any side effects with FAM?
    No, which is why I love it. FAM does not interfere with your fertility nor health. You are observing your fertility signs like cervical mucus, basal body temperature, or cervical positioning and allowing your body to do what it is meant to do.
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