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About Me

Growing up in a valley in Switzerland and being connected to nature from a young age lead me to a four year apprenticeship as a (what I call) holistic pharmacy technician.
Over those years, I learned about alternative medicine, herbs, tinctures vitamins/minerals and many more natural remedies that shaped my view on achieving a healthy balanced body. 

Due to my own struggles with  painful ovarian cysts, a fibroadenoma in my breast, side effects from hormonal birth control, and overtraining which gave me heavy PMS symptoms I decided to go on a healing journey and paying close attention to my cycle because it clearly was crying out for help. 

I quickly realized during my education that no one teaches much about the female cycle and what we can do naturally to ease symptoms of discomfort. ​I had to read many books on my own to finally understand what was happening on a monthly basis in my body. It opened my eyes wide and I knew, every woman needs to know this about herself to live empowered and free of discomfort by living in tune with the menstrual cycle. 

Education & Certifications

Four Year Holistic Pharmacy Technician Degree (Switzerland)
Associates Degree In Applied Science Fitness & Recreation Management
Technical Diploma Fitness & Wellness Specialist

GGS1 Women Coaching Specialist Certification
ACE Personal Trainer Certification
ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification
ACE Sports Nutrition Certification
SCW Hormone & Metabolism Certification

My Mission

My mission is to support and inspire you on your health journey. Aligning with your menstrual cycle not only helps you feel more connected to your feminine essence, it will also help you live PMS free and with deeper knowledge about your beautiful feminine physiology. 


I value respect, honesty, compassion, kindness, and equality and I live by those values. With my nine years of experience in the health and wellness field I am confident to assist you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle and create a base of support that is tailored to your needs.

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