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About Me
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Hi! I'm Jasmin, a woman that grew up in a tiny village in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. 

I am so deeply passionate about helping women gain body literacy by teaching them lifestyle changes that are transforming their menstrual cycle health.

You're probably wondering how I came to this point. 

My journey began when I was 16 and started my four-year apprenticeship as a holistic pharmacy technician. During this time, I discovered a love for learning about the body, herbalism, alternative medicine practices, homeopathy, and more. I helped hundreds of people find healing naturally, which laid the groundwork for my passion.

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Despite my knowledge, I struggled with painful heavy periods and PMS symptoms during this time. I tried birth control pills and ignored my body's signs of imbalance. I put other peoples needs over my own which had me so very disconnected to my own feminine essence. I tried different diets and pushed my body hard with my workout routines. I was so engrained in the masculine energy. My lifestyle wasn't hormone-supportive which quickly showed it's impact on my menstrual cycle. It wasn't until I underwent a painful ovarian cyst surgery that I realized something had to change.

That's when my deep dive into women's hormone health started.

I started reading and learning about the female body's natural fluctuations and how lifestyle choices have a significant impact on the cycle. How did no one teach us that in school, I was wondering as I was studying. I finally understood and applied the profound information every woman should be taught. By changing my lifestyle to my cycle's needs, I found healing I never knew was possible. I finally allowed myself to accept and sit with the changes we go through on a monthly basis. To connect to ME, all of ME! My PMS symptoms disappeared, and that's when I knew I was onto something. 

Now, I support women on their hormone journey through targeted cycle supportive lifestyle changes that empower and transform them. We don't have to suffer every month or rely on artificial hormones to find relief. I have witnessed this transformation firsthand and am excited to guide you back to yourself.

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