About Jalistic

First I want to share with you why my website is called Jalistic. Jalistic is a combination of my name Jasmin and the word "holistic" I chose this name because it resonates with my purpose to help you and others create a holistic lifestyle that fits YOU. Holistic to me means addressing all dimensions of wellness. These interdependent dimensions include spiritual, environmental, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual. I think we can only achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle if we address all those areas. 

What You Will Find Here:

This website offers a place to connect with me through exercises, coaching and events to build a community of likeminded individuals that can help each other succeed.

My Mission:

My mission is to support and inspire you on your health journey. I believe there is a lifestyle for you that makes you feel empowered, healthy, happy, and confident, and my mission is to help you find that so you can live a balanced life. I value respect, honesty, compassion, kindness, and equality and I live by those values, . With my eight years of experience in the health and wellness field I am confident to assist you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle and create a base of support that is tailored to your needs.

About Me:

Growing up in a valley in Switzerland and being connected to nature from a young age lead me to a four year apprenticeship as a (what I call) holistic pharmacy technician. Over those years, I learned about alternative medicine, herbs, tinctures vitamins/minerals and many more natural remedies that shaped my view on achieving a healthy balanced body. 

I graduated as class valedictorian and turned down a pharmacy management position because I had a deep desire to further my education. This led me to  Madison, Wisconsin USA where I graduated in Fitness and Recreation Management. I got certified as an ACE group fitness instructor and ACE sports nutrition specialist and I'm currently studying for the ACE personal trainer certification. 


With my background in the pharmacy and my knowledge about fitness and wellness I am excited to assist you on your path towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.



With love,