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Menstrual Cycle Training

Workout Smarter Not Harder


Change the way you workout and reach your goals

How it works:

  • Step 1: Choose your session

  • Step 2: You will get an email to sign up for a free assessment

  • Step 3: I will guide you through your customized workout online over zoom.

Why Menstrual Cycle Workouts?

  • more energy & confidence

  • less PMS, fatigue, low libido, mood swings & acne by supporting your hormones the right way

  • more ease reaching your fitness goals

  • more body awareness

Every training is designed with your unique menstrual cycle and fitness level in mind.

Menstrual Cycle Training



Get 1x 30min training session with a free consultation prior to the training.

Menstrual Cycle Training 



1h training session with a free consultation prior to our training.

Menstrual Cycle Training Bundle 4x1h


This bundle is great for you to get into a workout routine. You can choose between 4x1h session or 8x30min.

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